Newman’s Own Foundation

Funding criteria for Australian charities

  • Organisation applying for a grant from Newman’s Own Foundation must be a registered charity with ATO Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and ATO Income Tax Exempt Charity (ITEC) status, and receive minimal Government funding. Although there are 700,000+ community or non-profit organisations in Australia, only 57,000 are charities and approximately 20,000 of those have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

  • Grants from Newman’s Own Foundation must be spent on a project run by an Australian charity, which is expected to commence the year following the receipt of funding.

  • Newman’s Own Foundation supports organisations and programs in the following focus areas that continue Paul's legacy of giving and create opportunities for long-term impact.

    Encouraging Philanthropy - organisations that promote the practice of philanthropy and/or rely on philanthropic support to fulfill their missions.

    Children with Life-Limiting Conditions - organisations enhancing the quality of life for children with life-limiting medical conditions, and/or for whom the experience of childhood has been disrupted by circumstances beyond their control.

    Empowerment - organisations that empower people to overcome extraordinarily adverse circumstances, and/or provide equal access to human rights and contribute to the development of a civil society.

    Nutrition - organisations implementing model solutions to issues of hunger and nutrition for underserved communities. 

  • Newman’s Own Foundation Generally Does Not Fund
    • Organisations that discriminate on any basis
    • Specific religious activities or beliefs
    • Lobbying or political activities
    • Major research projects
    • Any litigation that is underway, contemplated, or completed
    • Direct grants to individuals
    • Multi-year grants requiring recurring budget expenditure
    • International travel or individual travel/study grants.

  • Applications are via an Expression of Interest form in accordance with the procedures set out on this site and are not accepted outside the dates designated on this site. Timing of funding rounds and capped amounts vary each year. Expressions of Interest must be submitted by fully registered charities and not via other fundraising organisations such as Service Clubs or groups, which raise funds to pass on to another institution.

  • The payment of Grants is conditional upon the monies being used solely for the purpose specified in the application and in accordance with the terms and conditions imposed by Newman’s Own Foundation in relation to the use of the grant. Reports on the use of the funds will be required.

  • You are requested not to add us to your mailing lists for newsletters, fundraising appeal letters, invitations to functions and AGMs, Annual Reports or Financial Statements. 

Newman’s Own Foundation Australian Administrator, Dimity Pinto, is contactable during business hours on 02 9967 3746 or email